Starbucks BOGO after 3pm

I love my Starbucks and it’s even better when its BOGO!

Today only after 3 – BOGO!

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Run over to Sonic for $1 hot dog – all day Thusday Aug 29!!!ūüĆ≠ūüĆ≠

Sonic is having happy hour today only! Go over to sonic and get your $1 hot dog!

Latest Hacking Life column – lets talk suicidal thoughts

Here is my latest column at Mustard Seed Sentinel. I hope my sharing will give another person hope to keep going.

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Hacking Life: What Do You Do When Your Heart is Broken?

Recently Pandora Box Gazette had a makeover and became Mustard Seed Sentinel!  I love the new same and so thankful to be part of the contributors!

My first article is on my Broken Heart and how God got me through!  So thankful!

Hacking Life What Do You Do When Your Heart is Broken

I was embarrassed to share but that’s one of the reasons I did.


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Free Hazelnut M&M’s at Big Y

Big Y app has FREE Hazelnut M&Ms.¬† Just download the coupon and you will get your free hazelnut M&M’s at your local Big Y.¬† Just a confession I don’t like hazelnut so I may not like these M&M’s but since it’s free, I will at least try them!

If you do not have a Big Y app just download it!

They should be in the checkout aisel but if they are not just asked a grocery clerk.

I love free!!!

Do you think you will like the hazelnut m&m’s?

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Today’s forecast is Sunny – even though it’s cloudy out

Today is Sunny even though there are clouds outside. Thanks, everyone for the thoughtful words and verses!

I know I need to keep moving and doing things – and not give up on this life!¬† Jasmine is such a great reminder of that since she will play will her ball anytime I want to.¬† She’s a little obsessive about it!

Weeping may tarry for the night,
    but joy comes with the morning. Psalm 30:5b

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Huntington’s Disease

I was told a couple of weeks ago that Huntington’s symptoms have started. I have a CAG of 43 and really never thought I would start having symptoms.¬† I have such a severe case of fibromyalgia I thought Jesus would spare me from the symptoms of Huntington’s. I also have severe sinus infections that last for months. I can’t take any antibiotics so I just suffer.

Huntington’s is a mix of Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons and schizophrenia.¬† Symptoms show up differently with each person.¬† The person could have live 12 or more years after the symptoms start.

I decided to keep going to school and use the rest of my GI Bill when I got a professor who gave me a 38 out of 200 points on an assignment. I couldn’t believe it!¬† I mean I know my writing is not the best which is why I hesitated writing a blog. I dropped the class which was a cost to me.¬† I’m not even sure I want to take another class.¬† I feel the classes stress me out so much because I never know how the professor is going to grade.

I’m feeling lost.¬† I don’t ever want to blog or do anything.

I know Jesus has a plan I’m just not sure what it is.

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Newest Column at Pandora Box Gazette – should you cut the cord????

A new year brings the hope for change – should that change be cutting the cord? I write about my experience in my latest column.

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